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Instead of candy, I am sending glow in the dark Cheetos to school.  The bag glows, not the Cheetos.  Anyway, I always like to make a tag of some sort so the kids know who the treat came from.  This time I decided to make little sleeves to send my message and instead of Happy Halloween or some clever play one words message (“witching” you a Halloween)  I am printing “Cheesy” jokes.. so easy.. I scoured the internet and found ones I thought appropriate and “Cheesy” enough.  I am printing them on Fluorescent orange paper, 8 1/2 by 11.  I cut between each joke and taped it around each mini bag of Cheetos.  You could make it “corny” jokes too.. and attach it to bags of candy corn or Fritos. The font I used is called An Unfortunate Event.  Here is a printable copy.

Halloween Joke sleeves

Here are the jokes:

What is a witch‘ s favorite subject in school ?

Spell – ing !

What did the little bird say on Halloweeen ?

Trick or Tweet !

Where do Ghosts buy their food ?

The Ghost – ery Store !

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire ?

Frost Bite !

What is a scarecrow’s favorite fruit?

Straw – berries

What is a mummy s favorite type of music ?

Wrap Music !

What did the skeleton order for dinner ?

Ribs !

Where does Frankenstein like to swim ?

Lake Eerie !

Why couldn‘t the Vampire play Baseball ?

Because he forgot his bat !

How do you open the door to a haunted house ?

With a spoo – key !

Where do Ghosts and Goblins buy their favorite cookies ?

The Ghoul Scouts