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There are 3 things that people ask me about on a semi regular basis and my hair routine is number 2 on the list.  If you are looking for less frizz or more shine you need to read this post!  I am a simple girl.  I rarely spend big money on beauty products.  Special trips to the cosmetic counter or other specialty beauty shops is unusual.  Today I’m going to talk about one of my favorite hair solutions.  My hair is straight and fine.  But there is a lot of it and it has smooth cuticles, so I don’t use any shine serums or anything like that because it just weighs my hair down.  I do, however, deep condition whenever I wash my hair (which is every 2-3 days).

My secret weapon is $3.00 a bottle of Aussie 3-minute miracle! They have different versions now, and Moist is the one I use. I started using it again, after many years, when I lightened my hair in ombre fashion.  I had lost my natural shine and texture and I wanted it back! And it worked wonders! Friends started asking me about my routine.  Straight, curly, wavy, coarse, thick, all hair types have tried it and they agree that it works great!  It’s so inexpensive, if you haven’t already re-discovered this product, try it!

This is the routine and I think the routine has to be right, friends who haven’t have success with it have heard me retell the steps say “Oh, I’m doing it wrong!”…so follow the steps.

  • The first thing I do, before anything in the shower, is wash my hair.  The shampoo doesn’t matter.  What ever you like.  Right now I’m using EverPure Sulfate Free (I recently read this post from another blogger that I like and she loves it so maybe I stumbled on something). I wash my roots ONLY.  Hairline too, just to wash the oil away.
  • Then I use the 3 Minute Miracle basically from my ears down.  My hair is longer, so I probably use about the size of a quarter.  I take my hair into a low pony and work the conditioner through.  My hair tends to get tangles at the nape of my neck so I start there.
  • Then I take a wide toothed comb and comb it through and finally clip it up using an old claw clip.
  • After my hair is up, I do everything else and rinse my hair at the very end.  Try it.  Your hair will be bouncy and healthy looking.  I believe it.  I do.

P.S.   3-minute Miracle is a shower multi-tasker!  Try it for shaving. A little goes along way!