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I love to bake, but making muffins from scratch is not something I do.  What I do is alter the mixes to make them a little better for my kids.  Mini Muffins are the easiest way to get something in their belly before school.  I always replace the oil with applesauce, but found when I bought applesauce in a jar it always went bad before I would use the whole jar.  So I started buying the snack cups of applesauce.  They are shelf stable and are just about the right amount for any muffin mix I ever use.  Some times a little over, some times a little under, but it rarely makes a difference.  They are always yummy. For Blueberry muffins, I replace the liquid (milk or water) with Trop 50 orange juice. When I make banana muffins, I add some mini chocolate chips.  A little goes a long way.