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I run.  Nothing too crazy — I’m up to about 6 songs on a good morning (most people can tell you how far or how long they run, I measure in number of songs).  I am an early morning runner.  I like to get out before my family’s day starts.  It is the only guilt free time I have.  No one needs me and there is nothing else I should be doing.  I am constantly on the hunt for new songs to motivate me.  I listen to more pop than anything else, but occasionally discover a non-top 40 song.  A lot of times the new songs to me are old songs for my friends, but you never know.  Maybe you are looking for something new to add to your playlist.  I plan to make this part of the blog a series.  I’ll add songs as I find them.  I’ll take suggestions too.  I will always take suggestions.  Most of these are old, a couple are newer, but I rarely skip over them.

My Still Love Playlist:

  1. Girlfriend, Avril Lavigne (bpm 164)
  2. Operator (a girl like me), Shiloh (bpm 160)
  3. Runaway Baby, Bruno Mars (bpm 164)
  4. Beautiful Soul, Jesse McCartney (nice easy pace) (bpm 119)
  5. I’m Free, Kenny Loggins (bpm 160)
  6. I do Not Hook Up, Kelly Clakson (bpm 144)
  7. Stutter, Mariana’s Trench (bpm 120)
  8. Check Yes Juliet, We The Kings (bpm 167)
  9. You found me, The Fray (bpm 152)
  10. This is How a Heart Breaks, Rob Thomas (bpm 140)