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This Friday I took the kids to the waterfront after school. I had hoped to take them on a boat ride, but came to find out that the water taxi’s website was inaccurate.  No rides on Fridays. The local children’s museum was there.  So the kids built with the large foam blocks and had a ball!  To our surprise we ran into 2 of M’s cousins and one of them was waiting for a friend and asked us to go sailing with them.  My kids had never been sailing so why not!  It was a beautiful night.  I love an unexpected adventure!  This was a super comfy outfit.  White tank  .. I almost always layer with tanks from Express.  And the pants are Jennifer Lopez Collection (no longer available).  I got them on clearance from Kohl’s last year, they were long, so I had them shortened.  I feel like if my ankles are showing it gives me more height?  Less bulk?  Not sure what, but shorter was definitely better with these billowy drawstrings.