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We got back from our cruise last week and the good news is I only gained 3 lbs.  The bad news is now I have to get on a better exercise track so I can lose those pesky 3 lbs.  Aiming for 4 days this week plus a power yoga.

I had an awesome running playlist this morning.  Just a good shuffle.

  1. Young Volcanoes, Fall Out Boy –Love this song, great for car singing and dancing too. (95 BPM– 190 if taking double time steps)
  2. The Underdog, Spoon– from the movie 17 Again with Zac Efron when he gets out of the car his first day back to school after the makeover. That is the moment I understood why he was so loved by pre-teens. (145 BPM)
  3. Taming of Carolyn, Lowest of the Low (BPM 95, but again use the double steps to bump up the running speed)
  4. Die Young, Kesha (BPM 128)
  5. Her Comes Forever, R5 — stole this from my kiddos (BPM 60 –double time 120)
  6. I’m Ready, AJR stole this one too (BPM 78– double time 159)
  7. American Girl, Bonnie McKee (BPM 128)