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It’s Halloween and I love to make my kids’ costumes!  It’s the nostalgia of it all.  My Mom did it for my brother and me and I feel like a homemade costume is so much better that a store bought one.  Don’t get me wrong,  I buy costumes too, but if I think I can make it, that is my preference.  The last couple of years, T wanted to be a Star Wars Character–way above my pay grade.  So G has had all the benefits of my crafting bug.  It’s not finished, but I’ve got the basics moving right along and I thought I’d share what I’ve got so far.

I started with a sweat suit from Hanes.com.  Black hoodie (11.99), black sweat pants (4.99).  Then I decided to work with dimensional fabric paint, the kind that bubbles.  Fluorescent Pink and Glow in the Dark Blue.

After scouring the internet for images (because the actual lego figure is so small, I could barely make out the detail) First, I drew with chalk a basic design to follow.


I started with the blue.


It took me a white to get my form,  I tried spreading it with a toothpick. Don’t do this.


In the end, a steady hand gave me the best results.  Consistant pressure on the bottle and making sure my hand had a place to rest while I was “drawing” and squeezing gave the best results.

Here’s the front (still mastering the technique).


The sleeve has turned out much cleaner.


This takes a day or so to dry, so if you are attempting a project like this, give yourself plenty of drying time for each side.

For her hair we added little hair pieces that she chose at Chuckie Cheese as her prizes.  I can’t believe we actually got something useful from that place!  And that will wrap it up.

Update: If you’re attempting a project like this, start on the back of the sweat shirt where you can make all your mistakes.  I finished the pants and back this morning and both look so much better than the front.  Oh well, live and learn.