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I had no idea what to wear today.  I have a meeting at 8:30 which is right after I take the kids to school so in the mad morning rush I had to make some quick choices.  In other words, I punted and it turned out pretty well.  Here is a perfect example of how you can pull together things that are already in your closet and make a totally new outfit. I have never worn all of these pieces together.

I grabbed my white and red striped 3/4 sleeve tee (Forever 21 circa 2011- similar here) and layered it under a loose denim dress (Kohl’s Sonoma, Clearance, as always) similar here. I rolled the dress sleeves up an extra 2 or 3 times so you could see the shirt underneath (inspiration here). Belted with a double belt with pewter buckles I bought at Banana Republic (also circa 2011). I like the double belt because it adds just a little something unexpected. A skinny belt wasn’t quite right and a thicker belt wasn’t it either.  This is just something in between that was working for me today.  The pewter buckles give a more casual thrown together look, which is exactly what this was (as you can see, I put a lot of thought into my belts–try this one). Finished off with black tights and suede booties DSW (White Mountain-2012).  The boots have a bit of a cowboy feel so If I were going to get a pair today, I might go for these. I have day 3 hair — so up or with a hat is necessary (Gray polka dotted fedora, Target-2012).  Note to self: need more hats for fall.  And I am not normally the type to rock a side pony, yet, here it is.  A little messy side bun, knot whatever it is, but I think I like it.