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Use an old white ice cube tray to sort Lite Brite pegs.  Orange, pink and red look almost the same when they are in the tray underneath the screen.  We also use this one for painting.

We bought this Lite Brite for G last Christmas, she hasn’t used it much but every once in a while it come out.  We decided yesterday that we were going to do a turkey for Thanksgiving.  So I searched online and found this image:

Thanksgiving Lite Brite

The screen is 6 3/4″ by 6 3/4 inch, so I printed the image (which was smaller than that) then made a color copy and enlarged it to “fit page”.  trimmed it down so it would slide in perfectly and off we go.  The pegs don’t go exactly where the dot is.. and we ran out of white pegs.. but we are improvising and I’m sure it will look great!