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What to do?  T got a call from a friend to play so G and I tackled a long delayed project, hooded towels.  We loved these when the kids were little but then they grew and I could not find a decent sized hooded towel for them.  They are perfect for post tubby/shower wrap ups!  These bath sheets are from Ikea.  They are huge, 39″ x 59″ and they have a great little loop for hanging.


So you’ll need a bath towel/sheet and a hand towel.  I chose matching patterns but a contrast would be cute too.


Step 1: Fold the hand towel in half, Like a hamburger roll not a hot dog roll, and cut it (in half).


Step 2: Then fold it in half again, so the raw edges meet, good side in.  Pin the raw edges together (this will be the top of the hood).



Step 3: Then sew along that edge.. first a straight line, then zigzag over that line twice and finish with another straight line.  Just to make extra sure it won’t come apart when washing.  This will give the hood a point.  If you’re ok with that move to Step 6.

DSC02560Step 4: Once sewn, lay the hood out like this and measure and inch or 2 from the tip and sew a straight line across.  This will flatten out the tip.


Step 5: Cut the tip of the hood above the sew line.



Step 6: Attach the hood to the bath towel/sheet.  Match up the center of the hood with the center of the sheet before pinning it.  You want the seam to be on the inside of the towel so be sure to pin that way.  I laid it on top of the towel and did a straight stich from one end of the hood to the other.  Time will tell if that will be enough to hold it.


And that’s it! Each towel took me less than an hour.  The kids love them!