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This is not part of my 40 Weeks Whole House Challenge, which is going pretty well so far. I did this out of pure aggravation.


Do you wish your boots were better organized?  So did I!  My boots were just thrown into the bottom of our front hall closet. and I was desperate for a solution.  I started seeing lots options (online, of course) using actual boot hangers and boot clips, but I couldn’t find any online that were reasonably priced.  So frustrating!  So I started  thinking and here is what I came up with.


Tension shower rods, binder clips and these double hooked shower rings.  I got everything at Walmart.


The hardest part was getting the tension rod to stay put.  The boots are pretty heavy  so getting the right mix (weight distribution) was a challenge too.  I decided to use 2 rods to hold all the boots.  Each binder clip holds one boot and each hook hold one pair.  So far it’s been up for about month and it’s working great!  G loves to hang her own boots, so that’s just an added bonus.  How’s your organizing coming?