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I need to get organized.  I can’t take it anymore.  I am going to try this program…The 40 Week Challenge!  It is designed to start at the beginning of the school year, but I am kicking it off this week.  It is free podcasts and emails linking you to Lisa Woodruff’s website, Organize 365. Who wants to join me?  Together we can be accountable, which is exactly why I am posting this — to be accountable.

Today, I am creating a Sunday Basket.  One child is going to a friend’s house, the other is having a friend here.  Should give me a couple of hours to sort.  I am supposed to go through my whole house and take all the paper and put it into a laundry basket, I’m guessing if I really took all the paper — it would fit into 5.  So I am going to tackle my downstairs and upstairs living spaces, but not my office.  That is for another week.  I’ll post a pic of my nightmare as soon as I gather this paper.

Day 1: Gathering and sorting, Pics of phase 1 (laundry basket) and phase 2 (secret closet/dumping ground).


 Day 2: phase 1 and 2 completed.  From laundry basket craziness to this:


Kids’ art is a whole different pile — which is huge.  I have a plan for that.  Hope to reveal it soon.