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I am sometimes surprised with what I pull out of my closet and this is one of those outfits.  I was just running errands, but then I got a call and realized I was going into school for the second grade pizza party, surprise!  The good news is that I didn’t look like a total mess.  The lace shorts are from the Walmart Juniors section.  I saw an identical pair in TJ Maxx a few weeks after I scooped these up.  I bought them in black too, seen here.  Just like my last post, they are a large.  I definitely did not want these to be too tight.  The shirt is a very recent purchase from Kohl’s.  I was looking for a graphic tee — you know the ones with a statement or word on it? Anyway, I saw this flamingo and had to have it.  It’s an X-Small.  I think it’s meant to be a very baggy tee but I wanted it more fitted and even still in an extra small, it’s fairly loose.  The flip flops are last summer Lands’ End.  The purse is Nine West and either TJ Maxx or Tuesday Morning.  Watch is Target.

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