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Make your Top Rated playlist your playlist for exercise, in my case, running. That way you can add and subtract songs easily and on the go. Rating a song with 5 stars automatically adds it into your Top Rated playlist. Anything less will drop it out.

I am always adding songs (often for my kiddos) and decide I’ll try them on my run. Sometimes they’re great and sometimes they’re not as encouraging as I thought they would be. I need motivating music to exercise. I have been known to leave the gym if I realize I have no power to my iPod or I’ve forgotten it completely. Other times, I get sick of songs and want to drop them out of the shuffle. This routine allows me to do it literally on the run.

A friend of mine started running this summer and asked me about songs. I love this kind of exchange! I am always on the search for new songs and love to give and receive in this arena. I told her how I create my playlist by using the default Top Rated playlist. She had not thought of it before, enthusiastically told me it was a good idea, and that’s all I need to make it a quick Light Bulb! post.