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So there are a couple of things I like about this ensemble.  First — the plaid wrap.  I got it at Tuesday Morning for $20.  Then I had it monogrammed at a local place where I’ve done everything from towels to bags and backpacks.  Inspiration for the monogram is this Burberry blanket wrap from last year.  I bought the dress this last summer as a  bathing suit cover up.  I’ve been using shirt dresses for cover-ups for years.  I saw these pins (here and here) and it inspired me to dig it out.

The Boots.  I love the boots!  Again, like my post last week,  I needed new pairs that were taller than the ones I’ve had (I bought them when the kids were in pre-school, so I thought I was due for some new ones).  These are Ivanka Trump (Addee knee high suede) and I got them at Lord and Taylor.

The bag (TJ Maxx, also seen here), belt and watch (target also seen here) are old.