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Want to try something different for your Boo Hoo Breakfast?  Try this take home craft.

Sometimes getting information about your child’s day is like pulling teeth.  A simple “how was your day?” gets you nowhere!  This idea came out of that frustration we all sometimes have as moms.  Last year I made this craft as a take home for the parents who attended our Boo Hoo Woo Hoo Breakfast.  I based it on the memory spheres from the Disney Movie, Inside Out.  Even though that was last year’s big summer movie I think the feelings still apply, so we’ll our chair people decided to do it again this again this year.

The card attached to the loot bag includes a list of questions to ask your child in order to build their zipper pull.  They can add a colored bead that corresponds to a memory of Kindergarten.  Maybe the first day, the first week or the first month.  The back of the card includes the directions of how to assemble the zipper pull.

Supplies include:

loot bags from Dollar Tree

unlined 4 x 6 index cards

pony beads, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Red and Green

long pipe cleaners

lanyard hooks



The kids and I sorted all the pony beads putting  10 yellow (joy) in each bag and 5 of every other color (sad, angry, fear, gross), 1 lanyard hook, one pipe cleaner.

I printed the questions on the front of the index card and the directions on the back, then attached the bag to the card with staples.


Printables are below:

Inside out Zipper Pull Toppers 1

Zipper Pull Directions