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It’s time for the Olympics.  I love the Olympics.  I have amazing fond memories of watching the Summer Olympics with friends in the neighborhood.  Staying up way past bedtime to watch while our parents chatted on the front porch.

For that reason, and the fact that I stumbled upon 4th of July clearence at JoAnn’s, G and I tackled this craft with her friend yesterday.

It was so simple.  Start with  paper plates, dessert size (approx 6 3/4 inches).  Cut around the the center of the plate where it starts to curve up.  You’ll want to cut through the side of the plate as well, so you can intertwine the rings later.


Pull out your paint-  We used acrylic since it’s going to be outside for the duration of the Olympics, it should be relatively water proof. Yellow, Blue, Green, Red and Black.  We  painted the both sides of the plate.  The back of the plate is the side that we decided would face out.  The paint coverage was better since it doesn’t have that coating making it hard for the paint to stick.


This is the banner that originally inspired me — 50% off at JoAnn’s ($7)


After the rings were dry, we added glitter glue to our rings for a little more pizzazz.  Then we taped the the rings together in the proper order paying special attention to the over under weaving of each color by looking at the rings on Wikipedia.

Olympic Rings

After tying the rings to the banner using twine,  I hung it by extending the length of the banner with additional twine and wrapping and cinching it under the vinyl wrap covering the pillars on our porch.


Ta Da!

I hope you enjoy the Rio 2016 Olympics with your family as much as we will.