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So I chaired the BooHoo WooHoo Breakfast for our elementary school this year.  We needed a welcome sign to put at the banquet hall.  After a few ideas I settled on doing a chalkboard sign using my daughter’s art easel.  I started by finding the right fonts.  I used Channel, Bergamot Ornament, KG ten Thousand Reasons, Grutch Shaded, Sketch Block and Digs My Heart.


After sizing them a bunch of times, I got it right and cut and taped it so it would fit properly on the chalkboard.  I think this was the hardest part!DSC00987

 Then I rubbed chalk on the back of the paper, paying special attention to the areas directly behind lettering.


When I finished, I taped it back to the chalkboard and traced (pressing relatively hard) the outline of each letter.  This will leave an impression on the board.  It’s faint but it’s all you’ll need.


I used sidewalk chalk because I wanted color.  Dip the end of the chalk into a cup of water and start tracing and filling in the letters.




Clean up any residual chalk with a paintbrush.  And Voila!  Not bad, right?