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I originated this project for our Boo Hoo Breakfast.  I scoured pinterst and the internet looking for tips.   What kind of marker should I use?  What’s the best way to get the letters on the balloon?  Can you buy balloons and have them inflated later?  I was hoping someone else had already figured it out and worked out the kinks.  Nothing.  So I had to figure it out on my own.  I wanted to use these balloons at the entrance of the banquet hall where we have the breakfast to welcome our new Kindergarten Parents to the school.  I’ve since done it for G’s Birthday and I’ll do it again for her belated party this weekend.

First pre-buy  balloons at Dollar Tree.  The $1 price includes the balloon and inflation. Buy the balloons to take home and decorate. Save the receipt and take them back for inflation after you’ve finished decorating.  I use the same exact process that I did for my Chalkboard project (seen here).  Print on paper, chalk the back of the paper, trace with a pencil onto the balloon.  Here I used a chalkboard pen, but I’ve found that a paint pen works well too.  Sharpies tend to dry out, so stay away from them if you can.  But in a pinch they work too.

I used chalkboard fonts, GrutchShaded and Pea Ellie Bellie.  The Dingbats are Happy Day Dingbats.