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What can I say, thanks to my kids, I have become a fan. They have great songs to run to!  Super fun and bouncy.  I tend to dance a bit while running to these. Here are my faves right now..

  1. Does He Know (BPM 139)
  2. C’mon C’mon (BPM 143)
  3. Still the One (BPM 143)
  4. Kiss You (BPM 180)
  5. She’s nor Afraid (BPM 168)

These are also on my hit list:

  1. Live While We’re Young (BPM 126)
  2. What Makes You Beautiful (BPM 125)
  3. One Thing (BPM 125)
  4. Best Song Ever (BPM 127)

I hope you find one or two that you can add to you fun run list! 🙂