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This weather has been amazing!  But of you’re leaving the house in the morning , it’s chilly.  Yesterday somebody said to me “You look so nice today, it’s the perfect mix of fall and summer”.  That was all I needed to hear, that is why this outfit made it onto the blog.

The dress, I just bought on clearance at Marshall’s for $10.  It’s a tube dress and since we are taking a vacation soon, I bought it as a throw on dress and how can you resist the price!  Since a tube top is not appropriate when you are a parent volunteering for School Picture Day, and it was a little crisp this morning, I topped it with one of my chambray shirts I bought at Target maybe 3 years ago.  Flip flops (Lands End), a pair of “that girl” earrings and off we go.  Sunglasses, J.Crew Factory.

P.S. “that girl” earrings is a personal joke.  I am forever wearing my diamond studs, so at a product/accessory swap party (my friends have them about twice a year) I was looking at some super cute dangly earrings and proceeded to tell my friend that I wanted to be “that girl“, the one who wore those kind of earrings.  So every time I wear something other that my studs, my friend and I will joke that today I am “that girl“. 🙂