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Happy Birthday another love of mine, who gave his birthday weekend to the Hockey Gods!  We had a great time in TO!  Thanks to my family for taking all my pics for this post.  Poor M.  He’s so patient.  Both T and G are budding photographers.  We got them their own cameras for Christmas and they took pics of everything at the Hockey Hall of Fame!  Reminded me of when I was a kid and took pics on our vacations.  So happy we did that for them. Can you see my little guy getting into the act?

So this day was Hockey game in the morning, back to the hotel to relax for a bit, off to the Hockey Hall of Fame, and dinner at Famosa on Bloor Street West and party back at the hotel for kiddos and grown-ups alike. I love Toronto.  Need to go more often.

The great sweater buy continues!  When I saw his one on he rack a Marshall’s I was reminded of this post from one of my favorite bloggers and thought, I need to get his sweater!  I love the color and the detail of the yolk, so delicate.  And it’s 3/4 sleeve, which is my favorite. I am so sick of these boots!  but what are my options when it is freezing and slushy?  Just going to have to continue to make them work.  Maybe I need an alternate pair.. black, I think.  My jean leggings are GAP (here and here) and I’m wearing my beefy tee again (here and here).  It really is wonderful under these sweaters.  And my belt, this is a very old one, but I love it because it is that woven kind that can be adjusted to any size, waist, hips and anywhere in between.  Also, the buckle lays really flat so I can wear it under tops with out looking all bulgy.  I highly recommend getting one or two woven belts, they always fit perfectly.

Sweater / Marshall’s / telluride clothing co., Jeans / Gap / 1969 Denim Legging, Long sleeved Tee (old) / Target /Mossimo, Belt (old) / Similar here