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Let’s face it, over half of my wardrobe is Throw Back.  I find ways to re-wear so many things!  This top is no exception.  I remember when I got it.  I was definitely living in North Carolina, so that is at least 11 years ago.  And I’m pretty sure I was not dating my husband so that takes us back at least another year, so I’m going with 13 years old.  It’s a very light blue (looks almost white) with small details at the neckline.  I particularly like the high slits on the side.  I paired it with my favorite shorts — I have a few pairs– J.Crew Chino 4″ inseam.  4″ inseam are my go to for shorts.  Even 3 1/2 feels too short for me.  5″ is doable, but it feels a little long.  A few years ago I figured out that 4″ is the best for me and I buy almost nothing else, which makes for very easy shopping decisions.  Accessories are my summer flip flops (Land’s End) and a stainless steel menswear watch from Target.