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I’ve told you that I have many outfits to post, this is one from back in December.  This flirty skirt is a Target Clearance item.  What I love about it for me, is the flat smooth top of the skirt which emphasizes my smaller waist and the trumpet lower part that camouflages my less than impressive upper thighs.  The material is a casual almost sweatshirt fabric and I just thought it was cute.  I wore it with my fav navy striped shirt from J.Crew (seen here and here), black tights and loafers that are from my sales rep days when I walked on college campuses all day long and needed sensible shoes to make it bearable.  The truth is I like these loafers and feel like they have made a comeback.  The jacket is a thrift store find.  I think it’s adorable.  Cropped and plaid made it a great addition to my jacket collection (which is really quite large).  It’s Tommy Hilfiger and although I’m not sure what it cost me — I did find it in the kids section (but it’s not kids) so I can’t imagine it cost me more than $10. Just recently I saw these pictures (here and here) of OP and thought there was some inspiration there that I hadn’t even realized.